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Testimonials for InCredible Communication

Testimonials for InCredible Communication

“Just as she shared her endless enthusiasm for and deep expertise in communication with our students over decades, Weintraub brings this same dynamism and clarity to her readers. Weintraub and Lewis’ InCredible Communication provides a blueprint by which each of us can learn to refine and leverage our communication skills at a time when they are needed more than ever.”

—Willow Bay, Dean, USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism


InCredible Communication is the book I’ve been waiting for.  Lewis and Weintraub have cracked the Rosetta stone for building the ‘reputation capital’ necessary for career and professional success in a modern world.  This take-action book is filled with hands-on, practical communication tools to manage your reputation, your context and the story you want to tell about yourself.”

—Ron Ricci, Founder and CEO, The Transparency Imperative


“In reading InCredible Communication” it provided very valuable skills to help me look inside while simultaneously listening, watching and understanding the culture around me, no matter what the setting, professional or personal.  Weintraub and Lewis have laid out a very clear plan for action to navigate today’s very complicated world that requires even more finely honed communication skills than ever before.  It’s book that I will refer to over and over again”

—Carol Nygren SVP Strategic Business Development, Cityneon Holdings


Whether you are just starting your career or are at the top of your game leading an organization, if you are seeking to impact your organization’s culture and/or drive your business goals, InCredible Communication will provide you with insights and actionable tools necessary to be a credible and effective communicator and leader during this dynamic time in the world.

—Vince Klaseus, President Universal Brand Development division, NBCUniversal